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    With LONGi solar panels, you don't need to worry about performance, the efficiency of solar panels can reach 20% or higher. LONGi solar panels come with a comprehensive warranty that covers product defects and performance over time. The performance of LONGi solar panels will never make you regret buying and choosing this brand.

  • Jinko solar panels are known for their durability and reliability, and all panels are monocrystalline silicon, making them an excellent choice for efficiency and durability. Jinko is committed to producing efficient products that help customers save on energy costs while benefiting from environmentally friendly energy. Jinko's high-efficiency modules have been tested to international standards and are suitable for any residential or commercial application.

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  • With a focus on performance and cost-effectiveness, Trina Solar offers some very high-performance products, including the Vertex series using N-type TOPCon cells, which are rated at well over 600 watts, making them one of the most powerful solar panels in the world. The new Vertex S+ series panels are also close to 22% efficient, which is on par with many high-end brands.

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  • JA solar panels cost less per watt than many other Tier 1 brands, but JA solar panels have an above-average efficiency rating. Many customers report that solar output is equal to or better than their expectations, so if you're looking to keep installation costs as low as possible, JA Solar may be a good fit for you.

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  • Canadian Solar produces quality products at competitive prices and offers warranties that meet or exceed industry standards. Canadian solar panels are known for their high efficiency, which means they can produce more energy per square foot than other solar panels, making them an excellent choice for residential and commercial applications.

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  • Yingli Solar’s panels are a very popular choice among consumers. Yingli Solar is proud of its reputation for producing the highest quality photovoltaic solar panels. They use only the best materials, such as specially designed strong, corrosion-resistant aluminum frames. The frames are independently certified to withstand mechanical load strength up to 5400Pa, ensuring they remain stable over their 25-year service life.

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