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PANDA 3.0 modules use the industry's cutting-edge n-type monocrystalline TOPCon cell technology. With high quality encapsulation materials and classic glass-backsheet structure, PANDA 3.0 modules are perfectly suited to the harsh environment and provide you with high reliability and quality assurance.

Yingli Solar Planel PANDA 144CELL 182TOPCon 405-430W

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Classic Structure
The glass-backsheet structure and layout design have been proven in the market for a long time.


Superior Yield
The large size cell enhances the module’s power output, with the excel-lent temperature coefficient, superior low light performance and com-prehensive LID/LeTID degradation suppression technology, allows the module to generate more energy yield once in use.


Excellent Durability
The modules meet IEC standard testing requirements and are resistant to salt mist, ammonia, dust and sand, snail trail and PID risks. PANDA 3.0 modules use the industry's cutting-edge n-type monocrystalline TOPCon cell technology. With high quality encapsulation materials and classic glass-backsheet structure, PANDA 3.0 modules are perfectly suited to the harsh environment and provide you with high reliability and quality assurance.


Wide Applications
The glass-backsheet structure, special material selection and ex-tra-strong frames effectively enhance the mechanical performance of the modules, their compatibility with mainstream trackers and invert-ers, and their adaptability to harsh environments.


Lower Losses
The multi-busbar design effectively reduces the impact of micro-cracks and broken busbars, and the half-cell structure effectively reduces the impact of shadow shading.



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